05 Jan: Keith Kelsen’s Scent Narrative: Happy Fresh New Year 2018

FRESH FRAGRANCES 2018 Fresh fragrances are leading the industry trend, foretelling a new year of optimism and happiness, emotions that fresh Scents brings to us.  I remember the clean, fresh scents as kid mowing acres of grass, fishing in the babbling creek, after a thunderstorm, or walking in the house and…


21 Dec: Keith Kelsen’s Scent Narrative: Happy Scent Holidays

Happy Scent Holidays! Homecoming for the holidays recalls that sweet smell of home; but what is that for everyone?  The Scent Narrative has often profiled worldwide customs of many people.  I thought about the home I grew up in more so than what my children have experienced.  I started my…


18 Oct: Keith Kelsen’s Scent Narrative: Scent and Science Fiction

Scent and science have combined; the science fiction of yesterday is now science fact.  Scent is the next big thing in both Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).   These “reality shifters” become even more real when emphasized with Scent.  In both VR and AR, immersion is key to the…