VISION: Scent will be where, when & how you desire

MISSION: Bring the world of scent online and proliferate the connected scent platform and OS to improve lives.

The Genesis of Inhalió:  Inhalió is a new way to experience scent as content.  All content has had a technology platform behind it. The Audio Narrative had radio. The Visual Narrative had television. Today, the Scent Narrative has Inhalió, the world’s 1st connected platform for scent™ with an Operating System for scent devices.

In 2012 the Inhalió team designed a scent branding technology that combined the best of breed technology from Silicon Valley, CA  with scent expertise from Saint Malo, France.  Inhalió founder, Keith Kelsen, long had a vision to enhance digital media with scent and McCormick provided the opportunity. The solution was called “Guess that Spice” . Following that success, Inhalió then set out to revolutionize the fragrance industry.  In 2016, Inhalió, Inc. released the 1st connected platform for scent to the industry at large.  This technology is creating a blue ocean opportunity for the industry. Since Inhalió’s introduction, Inhalió has captured the deployment of devices and interest by top brands in numerous markets.

The Executive Team

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Veteran of business and building international companies and multiple start-ups. Held numerous CEO, Chairman positions and built successful worldwide SaaS and media companies. Mr. Kelsen is the Visionary of Inhalió.


He provides the technical management of the 3.0 Scent Platform. He is a recognized expert in fragrance hardware and software development, and has a strong knowledge of the scent marketing market.


With a Master degree in Finance and Accounting from ESCEM,  and more than 10 years of experience as CFO/COO.  Yves manages the operations of Inhalio across 3 countries and multiple markets.


CPA and financial expert, Mr. Sullivan has worked with numerous start-ups and launched successful companies, like Digital Island over the last 30 years.

Mike Foster

Silicon Valley experienced marketer of SaaS-based platforms, Mike has significant brand marketing, product marketing, and partner marketing expertise.  B2B is his specialty, creating successful partner programs and materials for go-to-market activities.

Board Member, VP Strategic Planning

Over 35 years of experience in identifying new ventures, creating organizations, securing financing along with developing and executing the plans to bring them to fruition.

Technology Innovation for Scent

What if you could find a passage to your memories, both past or the ones you choose to create? What would a world like that be to you? What would that world be like for your company to offer? That’s the magic of Inhalió technology, bringing scent where, when & how you desire in a healthier way.

  • Inhalió empowers brands to improve their consumer experience and create distinction.
  • Inhalió creates new markets, from retail to home to car with the choice of scent on demand.
  • Inhalió makes powerful scent experiences from our extensive variety of Connected Scent Devices.
  • Inhalió Purescentair™ Technology™ Cartridges is like a printer cartridge using dry air and it can be interchanged in seconds.
  • Inhalió is healthier as it has no VOCs and no heat, no solvents, making it non-carcinogenic vs other market solutions.
  • Inhalió reference design specifications integrate easily.
  • Inhalió has Big Data for brands and retailers, anonymous data collection on every experience to help trend your brand experiences and the consumer choices.


Mass General researchers have developed tests designed to measure early indications of Alzheimer’s disease based on an individual’s ability to recognize, remember and distinguish among odors.


Inhalió is committed to helping people with smell disorders. We are working on awareness campaigns and will do more to give back as we grow.  A smell disorder can be an early sign of Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, or Multiple Sclerosis. The four most common are:

Hyposmia: a reduced ability to detect odors.

Anosmia: the complete inability to detect odors.

Parosmia: a change in the normal perception of odors.

Phantosmia: the sensation of an odor that isn’t there.



Inhalió provides reference designs, licenses and supports our brand partners with unique solutions based on our proprietary connected platform and OS technology. Our partners, design and build the connected devices using Inhalió OS and Inhalió Connected Platform then brand it, providing their customers a with healthier, thoroughly enjoyable and effortless scent experience that is:

Inhalio Designs


  • Pleasant experience
  • Mood shifting
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to change the scent remotely


  • No VOC’s
  • No spray
  • No Alcohol or other propellants
  • No lingering scent
  • No Carcinogens


  • Adding a new Scent Narrative to any experience
  • The Experience is memorable and captivating
  •  Inhalió OS with API’s is available to deliver accurate fragrance every time

Welcome to the world of Inhalió.