Inhalio Partners

Inhalio is a partner-centric company. With more than 25 years of scent-based market experience, Inhalio has amassed a worldwide network of highly specialized strategic partners that assist us in the delivery of customized digital scent solutions to our customers. Using our Digital Scent 3.0 Platform, we work with our clients to identify their exact business and product needs and leverage the right partners to ensure a successful powerful digital scent experience for their customers.

Our partnerships range from leading Fragrance Manufacturers, to OEMs and Tier 1 supply chain manufacturers, to hardware manufacturers, to field support and service organizations, in order get the project done to our customer’s exacting specifications.

Inhalio is focused on the cloud, software, firmware and data analytics that runs the systems behind the hardware, this is the Digital Scent 3.0 Platform. We rely upon worlds’ best in class partners to build hardware that delivers the final experience.

Fragrance Manufacturers

Inhalio has a close working relationship with worldwide Fragrance Manufacturers. Our Fragrance partners perform the essential job of manufacturing at scale signature scents for our customers.

We have under contract the top perfumers in the world that test consumer cultural reactions to created scents, ensuring the correct compositional (ingredients) build for the deployment, and for the mass production of fragrance payloads that are used to create scent cartridges.

We chose our Fragrance partners carefully, based on their global presence, market experience, natural fragrance sourcing, sustainability, fair market trade practices and their ability to deliver non-VOC compounds that support our healthier, dry-air diffusion methodology.

OEMs and Tier 1

We work with closely with automotive OEMs and their Tier1 manufacturing suppliers throughout the design, testing and delivery stages to embed our Digital Scent 3.0 Platform and scent diffusion systems across their new vehicle product lines. We work with our partners to meet their requirements including industry-specific standards and mandated government certifications throughout the world markets.


In situations where customers do not have an interest in embedding and/or manufacturing their own scent diffusion devices based on our Digital Scent 3.0 Design Reference platform, Inhalio can manufacture on their behalf. Inhalio works with a number of specialty manufacturers to custom design, build and deliver the right scent diffuser for the right environment in accordance with our customer’s specifications. Inhalio is capable of supplying three distinct types of manufacturing builds: a ready-to-order and deploy scent diffuser that can be programmed (configured) during unit installation, semi-custom builds that may incorporate a customer’s brand attribution or particular feature requests, or one-off design and build for a customer.