The power of scent combined with biometric sensors creates a fresh cabin environment that promotes wellness and reduces motion sickness

Autonomous vehicles are quickly moving from concept to reality, and passengers can be assured of a much more enjoyable and healthier trip through the power of scent. The Inhalio scent diffusion system, combined with internal biometric sensors, creates a fresh cabin that promotes wellness and reduces motion sickness. Riders can also select on demand in-vehicle fragrances to relax and unwind, stay alert and invigorated, or reduce mild motion sickness. Biometric sensors can detect up to five types of unpleasant odors so the vehicle can be either taken off line for sanitization, or malodor scents can be deployed. Biometric sensors can also collect data on fatigue and rage while triggering a scent to counteract and change behavior. Inhalio multi-scent dry-air diffuser delivers the experience riders want, when they want it.

  • Allows riders, or drivers to select from multiple in-vehicle fragrances
  • Use the convenient mobile app to control in-vehicle diffusion
  • Biometric sensors detect unpleasant odors so action can be taken
  • Biometric Sensors can detect the human condition and scent can affect the behavior
  • Passengers can select the right scent to set the right mood or experience
  • Supports wellness through safe dry-air diffusion technology
  • Reduces motion sickness through specific scent release

With the Digital Scent 3.0 Platform, fleets of autonomous vehicles can quickly and conveniently gain access to Inhalio technology and reference designs to add scent diffusion systems combined biometric monitoring into their vehicles. Using our Autonomous Vehicle Reference Architecture, Inhalio gives you more than 25 years of expertise and know-how in creating an advanced in-vehicle scent delivery and management system, with the additional capability of collecting, analyzing and understanding rider trends and gaining business insights.

  • Digital Scent 3.0 Platform with Autonomous Vehicle Reference Architecture
  • Assistance with specification and creation of individual scents
  • Sensors can detect up to 5 distinct human bio markers
  • Biometric Sensors can detect the human condition
  • Access to Scent Infusion technology and licenses for Rideshare adoption
  • Access to Scent Diffusion technology and licenses for Rideshare adoption
  • Access to Scent Cloud control, management and data insights for Rideshare use