Inhalio Retail


Inhalió Retail is a revolution to the Fragrance buying experience. Inhalió has changed the interaction forever as a consumer can now sample 30 different fragrances vs. the former 5, without wearing out their nose, or potentially getting a headache.


  • Provides real-time Intelligence on Consumer Preferences
  • Remote monitoring of scent usage and replacement
  • Proprietary Purescentair™ Cartridges
  • Patented system of fragrance dispersion
  • Designed for Retail Environments
  • Highly reliable Electro-mechanical system
  • Ruggedized for retail environments
  • Up to 30 Fragrance Cartridges, Avg. 4,250 scent dispersions per Fragrance


  • Brands can save $5,000-10,000 per fragrance per store by reducing samples
  • No bottles – just intelligent replaceable cartridges


  • Enclosure fits in existing display, kiosk, wall-mount, etc.
  • Energy efficient and quiet
Inhalio Retail

The Revolutionary Fragrance Experience

Consumers enjoy the Inhalió Retail scent experience, giving them a personal tour of fragrances. Already deployed throughout North America in fragrance retailers, Inhalió is expanding with our Partners globally to create an experience that is…JOYFUL!

Today,  you can walk up to a fragrance bar to learn, in a pleasant and easy way, the scent you desire.  It’s easy to use; just touch the screen to have an entertaining experience as it shows you the qualities of the scent.

Inhalió uses AtmosphèreCartridgesTM delivering individual scents with perfect accuracy every time. The Patent Pending Matrix delivery system is healthier than any alternative, using no aerosol spray or alcohol and dispersing no VOC’s or Carcinogens.  Just AtmosphèreCartridgesTM with no lingering scent, or potential headaches.

Welcome to the world of Inhalió.

Inhalio Retail
Inhalio Turn-Key Retail Support

Inhalió Turn-key Retail Support

  • The Inhalió Connected Platform for Scent supports a Retail In-Store Solution for Brands to build on.
  • Inhalió customizes the in-store experience.
  • Inhalió supplies devices to the store or brand.
  • Inhalió Software and knowledge base is leveraged to provide the best- in-class consumer experience.
  • Inhalió supplies replacement charged cartridges
  • Inhalió has a recycling program for the used cartridges and recharging.
  • Inhalió also tracks customer preferences with intelligent cartridges.