Digital Scent Leaders Inhalio and Exhalia Merge to Meet Growing Demand From Mobility, Rideshare, Connected Home, Hospitality, and Retail Markets

January 31, 2020, Silicon Valley, CA and St. Malo, France, Inhalio, Inc, the global leader in digital scent platforms, and Exhalia, the leader in scientific scent infusion and diffusion technology, announced they have merged to meet the growing demand for cloud-controlled scent solutions that support wellness and health in mobility, rideshare, connected home, hospitality, and retail markets. The companies have been working together for the past 5 years under an exclusive joint development and partnership agreement to create and deliver The Inhalio Digital Scent 3.0 Platform

With the merger in place, the companies will operate under the brand Inhalio and accelerate the delivery of transformational scent technology to customers and partners making significant scent investments including automotive brands, rideshare applications, hotel lobbies and rooms, and connected home use. Unlike other scent systems, Inhalio delivers a healthy and pure dry-air scent experience, supports multiple scents from a single diffuser, is controlled and monitored from the cloud, and captures detailed user insights. Inhalio is also raising the bar in the scent industry with its sustainability and green initiatives.

“I am tremendously excited about the merger with our long-standing partner, Exhalia,” said Keith Kelsen, CEO of Inhalio. “A new era of on-demand scent is here and the Inhalio digital scent platform is transforming consumer experiences in mobility, rideshare, and home markets. From the very first time I met the team, I knew we were a great match as both companies have dedicated themselves to the science of scent. As a single entity, we are now able to scale to meet mass market demands.” 

“Our companies use quantitative data to create and deliver more efficient and more affordable scent solutions to customers,” said Yvan Regeard, CTO of Inhalio. “Together, we have created a world-class and enterprise-level scent technology platform that is unparalleled in the fragrance business while bringing detailed consumer insights and preferences to light.”

Digital Scent 3.0 Platform.  The Inhalio Digital Scent 3.0 Platform is the centerpiece of the company offerings and foundational to its successes and contracts to date. The multi-patented technology platform is available for license to customers and supply chain partners who are designing and integrating scent solutions directly into their product lines. The Digital Scent 3.0 Platform includes all the necessary elements of a complete scent solution:  Infusion, Diffusion, and Insights. 

Infusion and Scent Data ProfilesPioneered by Exhalia, the Inhalio scent infusion process is unique in its data centricity. This scientific focus on fragrance infusion enables the company to deliver a higher degree of fragrance clarity, pureness, healthiness, and longevity in a green footprint. To achieve this, Inhalio carefully measures Scent Data Parameters such as performance data, health parameters, and green properties. The results of this patented infusion process include vastly increased scent payload densities, natural ingredients, no-VOCs (volatile organic compounds), no solvents, no carcinogens, and reusable polymer payloads.

Diffusion and Delivery Data. The company is both a pioneer and a leader in cloud managed, dry-air multi-scent diffusion technology. By combining a data-centric focus with cloud-connected capabilities, Inhalio’s multi-patented scent diffusion technology gives customers and partners a platform that is unmatched in flexible and affordable scent delivery systems. Diffuser performance parameters ensure accurate and optimal scent delivery cadence for the associated environment and scent profile, cartridge authentication, and no cross-contamination in a multi-scent delivery system. In addition to Infusion health parameters, diffusion health parameters include a dry-air delivery system, lowest possible ppm rating, fully air-tight when no diffusion is required. Green factors include the support for optimal diffusion profiles, bio-sourced materials, smaller footprint devices, lower-power consumption, and reusable cartridges.

Insights and Data Analytics. Inhalio’s digital scent technology was born in the cloud. From its very beginning the digital scent platform has been designed to control, monitor, manage and collect data on each single diffuser, groups of diffusers in a facility, or a nationwide network of thousands of diffusers. Inhalio captures data on each diffuser’s actions and knows the scent ingredient payload contained within each cartridge and collects unprecedented data on what was released, when it was released, the user’s scent preferences, cadence and intensity delivery preferences, survey data when user controlled over a smartphone device, and supply chain data on cartridge depletion and reorders. We provide this new type of data set for customers, along with global data analysis and visualization as part of our technology license to help our customers and partners gain unrivaled insights into their customers scent preferences, usage, and trends in their industry. 

Eco-Friendly – is the Inhalio green sustainability mantra. Not only are we on a quest to deliver the world’s best scent technology platforms, we do so humbly with our only planet in mind.  And while this may sound like it’s at cross purposes with our designs and technology, our green initiative is in fact pushing us further in technology leadership in three key areas: Green-Sourcing moves us to utilize bio-sourced and recyclable materials in our infusion and diffusion systems to reduce waste; Green-Efficiency drives our design philosophy and infusion and diffusion technology to make more compact, more efficient, and less power-hungry systems; Green-Health guides our scent partnering infusion strategy – working with fragrance providers who use more natural materials, sustainable harvesting, and fair trade practices, which means it’s better for the health and wellness of both the customer and the planet.

About Inhalio Inhalio Inc., now incorporating Exhalia, is a global leader in digital scent technology. The Inhalio Digital Scent 3.0 Platform is transformational to mood mapping and elevating individual health and wellbeing. Automotive/Mobility, Rideshare, Connected Home, Hospitality and Retail industries are making significant investments embedding scent distribution systems in their products and services to enhance consumer experiences and further brand loyalty. Inhalio’s patented multi-scent delivery platform includes three core components: Infusion, Diffusion, and Insights. Unlike stand-alone systems, the Inhalio platform delivers connected multi-scent diffusers, intelligent cartridge control and management, pure and healthier dry-air diffusion, and detailed consumer insights.  The Intelligent Scent 3.0 platform leads in sustainability with our Eco-Friendly initiative and is licensed for product integration in large scale deployments. Please visit