Inhalio Digital Scent 3.0 Platform Enhances “Wellness Rides” in Autonomous and Rideshare Vehicles with Antibacterial Ingredients

February 26, 2020, Silicon Valley, CA, Inhalio announced today that it is enhancing its scent-powered wellness experience for rideshare and autonomous vehicles by creating new intelligent scent cartridges with ingredients known to reduce the effect of oral pathogens. Oral pathogens, caused by infectious bacteria, are biological agents that can make passengers ill. Airborne infectious bacteria can reproduce quickly in your body and are linked to ear, throat, and sinus infections, as well as bronchitis, pneumonia, and whooping cough.

Inhalio pioneered the concept of “wellness rides” by making the rideshare experience more enjoyable with in-vehicle scents that energize and relax passengers, and that also reduce motion sickness.  Inhalio is now extending the concept of “wellness rides” by making them healthier with the addition of specific antibacterial ingredients that are known to act as an effective intracanal antiseptic to air-borne bacterial exposure. The new antibacterial scent cartridges, in combination with the Inhalio Digital Scent 3.0 Platform, will be available by the end of the calendar quarter for Inhalio-based mobility scent diffusers.

“In today’s world of Rideshare and Autonomous vehicle fleets, passengers are regularly exposed to cabin interiors that hundreds of potentially sick or infected individuals have previously occupied,” said Keith Kelsen, CEO of Inhalio, Inc.  “At Inhalio we are advocates of wellness for all riders.  We are focused on bringing to market important health and wellbeing rideshare solutions to protect passengers and drivers.”

After researching the positive effects of 14 unique essential oils across 6 types of common oral pathogens, Inhalio has chosen several of the top ingredients that are known to reduce airborne bacterial contamination. Inhalio will produce both a pleasant and health-promoting antibacterial scent that can be delivered by the Inhalio Sent 3.0 Platform and dry-air mobility diffusers for rideshare and autonomous vehicles. 

The Rideshare Solution:

Using the Inhalio Digital Scent 3.0 Platform, Rideshare companies can quickly and conveniently deploy dry-air mobile scent diffusers to their fleets and increase ride-fee revenues by offering “wellness rides.” Using their smartphone, riders can select one of four in-vehicle scents directly from the rideshare company’s app to promote wellness, eliminate odors, or reduce mild cases of motion sickness. Using the Inhalio rideshare scent reference architecture and APIs, Inhalio gives rideshare and autonomous vehicle companies decades of expertise and know-how in deploying an in-vehicle scent delivery and management systems with the additional capability of collecting, analyzing and understanding rider trends and gaining business insights.

About Inhalio.

Inhalio, now incorporating Exhalia, is a global leader in digital scent technology. The Inhalio Digital Scent 3.0 Platform is transformational to mood mapping and elevating individual health and wellbeing. Automotive/Mobility, Hospitality, Connected Home, and Retail industries are making significant investments in embedding scent distribution systems in their products and services to enhance consumer experiences and further brand loyalty. Inhalio’s patented multi-scent delivery platform includes three core components: Infusion, Diffusion, and Insights. Unlike stand-alone systems, the Inhalio platform delivers connected multi-scent diffusers, intelligent cartridge control and management, pure and healthier dry-air diffusion, and detailed consumer insights.  The Intelligent Scent 3.0 platform leads in sustainability with our Eco-Friendly green initiative and is licensed for product integration in large scale deployments. Please visit