The World’s 1st Connected Platform for Scent

Inhalió is an intelligent, cloud based solution for diffusing scent.  As the world’s 1st connected platform for scent, Inhalió is leading the industry with an IoT (Internet of Things) solution with  an agnostic operating system that works on virtually everything. Companies use our technology platform and OS as a basis for their own scent devices and scented branding products

The Inhalió reference design specifications integrate easily into our partners plans with API’s and an OS available to make the experience uniquely theirs.  The Inhalió  scent cartridge is designed similar to a printer cartridge and it can be interchanged easily.


Inhalió provides a healthier process as it has no VOCs, no alcohol, no heat, and no solvents, making it non-carcinogenic vs other market solutions.  We care about the environment and the health of your customers.  By design, Inhalió understands that scent is the most powerful memorable experience that a human being will ever have. Did you know that humans remember 35% of what they smell vs. 15% of what they see? Inhalió has strived to not only to change the way your customers interact with scent in their lives, but also make it healthier. That’s why we invented Inhalió AtmosphèreCartridgesTM, a pure scent technology that is fresh at every diffusion. Inhalió analyzes every scent and applies our algorithm for a unique healthier experience producing less molecules in the air, making the experience healthier every time.



The Inhalio platform was designed with Big Data in mind.  Inhalió provides Big Data for brands and retailers, with anonymous data collection on every use.  Big Data that can drive supply chains, market insight and trends with the Industry’s first Scent Business Intelligence (SBI)

  • Real time trending
  • Geographic tracking
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Monitors Scent Usage
  • Collects Scent Data
  • Alerts for Scent Replenishment

Links to Scent Supply Chain for consistent usage

  • Automated Replenishment & Billing

JIT Manufacturing & SupplyIntegrates into existing solutions

  • Web Interface
  • Remote programming of Devices
  • Smart Phone controllable

McCormick’s “Guess that Spice”

When McCormick World of Flavors opened their first and only retail space in 2012, they wanted distinction. “This is much more of a destination for building brand excitement than a traditional retail outlet,” said Alan D. Wilson, CEO.

In the New York Times Article: Savoring Success by Expanding the Brand, by Andrew Adam Newman, the Inhalió technology was profiled as a McCormick brand engagement solution; “At Guess That Spice, a scent wafts out of a nozzle and participants seek it among choices on a touch screen, with those who ace the contest receiving 25% off purchases.”

The attraction has engaged over 200,000 people since its inception at one location.  Guess that Spice has been the sweet smell of success for McCormick.