Inhalió partners with you to create your own branded personalized experience for your consumers. Inhalió design is complexly simple. Our connected platform communicates with Inhalió OS and our pure air AtmosphèreCartridgeTM technology to assure the finest quality scent and right amount is delivered in any application. Inhalió helps leading brands deploy scent emitting devices, manufactured to our reference design by you the brand.  Now you have the scent technology that is.

  • Connected: Always on and learning
  • Healthier: No VOC’s and Non Carcinogenic*
  • Compliant: CARB (California Air and Resource Board) & IFRA (International Fragrance Association)
  • Practical: Easily Replace Cartridges
  • Big Data: Track every diffusion and see it by region

*citrus oils when heated are a known carcinogenic


We share our skills to maximize your opportunities and revenue

If you are looking to accelerate your business, differentiate your brand, stay ahead of your competitors and make more profits then, welcome the world of Inhalió!   This Inhalió Hub has been designed in collaboration with our partners to bring together all that you’ll need to grow our businesses together.


At the Partner Hub you can learn from Inhalió to get:

Materials to reach out to existing customers where scent applies.

Design solutions with a professional Connected Scent Platform team

Learn from Inhalió technical specialists

Tap into the marketing capability of Inhalió

Whatever you need, we’re here to help you get closer to your clients and deliver exceptional scent experiences with Inhalió technology.

Check out the Partner HUB areas now to find out what’s going on. Just enter your password.

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Inhalió believes that the human element is the critical part in the sensory marketing equation. Our powerful connected platform for scent includes the power of human connections and collaboration.  We are a partner centric organization focused on improving the Brand Experience.  Our belief is that in the new “Blue Ocean” of connected scent technology, our partners are our success.

A true Brand Experience must include the content of audio, visual, tactile, and scent. Experiences utilizing all narratives will fully engage the senses, connecting to consumer’s mind, body, and heart. Inhalió has created the platform for the scent narrative.  This is likening to inventing television platform 70+ years ago.  The Scent Narrative is the only narrative that is directly connected to the heart of the emotional center of the brain. It adds exponentially to the emotional connection to the brand. (Click here to become an Inhalió Partner)

The Inhalió sales and marketing ecosystem includes our Account Advisors & Partners. The entire ecosystem is shaped by our partners and their customer’s success with our scent technologies. Our work is directly with the brands themselves, collaborating, not selling.  We look at the entire sensory branding ecosystem.

Together, we search wherein the opportunity exists, then identify what’s required to return high functionality, elegance and core design.  Inhalió is the platform that brands build their product around. We discover their scent innovation needs and then all collaborate on the design solutions in numerous markets. Like our own Business Intelligence inside the platform, we gain the insight from our partner and, combined with our best practices, we create a delightful and innovative result. Welcome to the world of Inhalió.


Inhalió is linked to entertainment, gaming, homes, retail, and automobiles.

Estee Lauder
New York Fashion Week
Victoria’s Secret