Inhalio Wearables


This expansive field is looking for solutions.  Wearable technology is on the rise in both personal and business use. One out of five American adults have a wearable device according to the 2014 PriceWaterhouseCoopers Wearable Future Report. Business opportunities are in Aroma Therapy wearables, based on the Inhalió designs and patents, are small & compact for personalizing the consumer’s close proximity space.

  • Additional Revenue Opportunities for Aroma Therapy Companies
  • Personal Space Only; no intrusion on others
  • Simple small cartridge replacement is cost effective lasting weeks


  • Remote monitoring of scent usage and replacement
  • Proprietary AtmosphèreCartridgesTM; No oils = No clogging or residue
Inhalio Wearables

Personal Scent Experiences

Music is a personal experience and with the advent of iTunes, it has become a very personal way to live your day. Working at the desk or working out, getting on a crowded subway or walking in the park, our music goes with us. Now, so does our scent. Inhalió has a unique platform that deploys AtmosphèreCartridgesTM whenever you want it.  With an array of scents beyond your imagination, Inhalió is with you. The Patent Pending Matrix diffusion system is healthier than any alternative, using no aerosol spray or alcohol and dispersing no VOC’s or Carcinogens.  Just AtmosphèreCartridgesTM, pure and fresh every time with no lingering scent. The scent you want, the memory you want the space you want is all a matter of scent.  Welcome to the world of Inhalió.

Inhalio Wearables

Inhalió Wearable Consumer Support

  • Inhalió Connected Platform for Scent and OS supports new and existing brands to build on with their own design
  • Inhalió supplies device reference designs to the brand.
  • Inhalió Software and knowledge base is leveraged to provide BI.
  • Inhalió supplies replacement charged cartridges direct to the consumer if preferred.
  • Inhalió has a recycling program for the used cartridges and recharging.
  • Inhalió also tracks usage, preferences and supplies big data with intelligent cartridges.