Inhalio Entertainment


In Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, immersion is key to the effect. What’s missing?  Scent. Inhalió AtmosphèreCartridgesTM are already integrated into a new game controller.  Inhalió is best used in reward based play and in accentuating the environmental surroundings. It’s integrated; only one line of code to trigger.  Works in an online experience, depending on device configuration.

Inhalió AtmosphèreCartridgesTM have shown impact on VR nausea, creating a broader audience.

  • Infinite on-demand scent effects
  • Addition revenue for game creators for Cartridge packets per game


  • Provides real-time Intelligence on Consumer Preferences
  • Remote monitoring of scent usage and replacement
  • Proprietary AtmosphèreCartridgesTM; No oils = No clogging or residue
  • Patent pending system of fragrance dispersion
Inhalio Entertainment

While visual and sound can begin to create that sense, only scent can truly impact your customers.  The smell of grass juxtaposed with the smell of diesel fumes can put your customers in Central Park in New York City in an instant as you suspend their disbelief and they step into the game.

The Patent Pending Matrix delivery system is healthier than any alternative, using no aerosol spray or alcohol and dispersing no VOC’s or Carcinogens.  Just AtmosphèreCartridgesTM, pure, and fresh with no lingering scent. Be inside the game. Welcome to the world of Inhalió.

Inhalio Entertainment

Inhalió Turn-key Entertainment Consumer Support

  • Inhalió Connected Platform for Scent supports an entertainment Solution for developers to build upon
  • Inhalió supplies device designs and deep understanding of scent technology.
  • A single line of code triggers the device; easy to integrate.
  • Inhalió Software and knowledge base is leveraged to provide BI.
  • Inhalió supplies replacement charged cartridges direct to the consumer.
  • Inhalió has a recycling program for the used cartridges and recharging.
  • Inhalió also tracks preferences and usage with intelligent cartridges.