Inhalio Auto
Mood Hacking while Driving


With Inhalió personalized mood enhancing scent technology, the journey becomes more important than the destination. Inhalió TaaS scent platform provides new opportunities to refresh between ride shares. There is also a projected 33% chance that people will get car sick while traveling in autonomous vehicles.  With one of Inhalió’s on demand scents nausea can potentially be eliminated. Neuroscience research has also proven that scent has an impact on alertness. Inhalió solutions go beyond fragrance, positively impacting alertness and health.

  • Inhalió has 5 on-demand fragrances in one unit, personalizing the experience to each driver
  • Controls are smart phone activated or integrated into the in-car dash network


  • Provides real-time Intelligence on the road
  • Remote monitoring of scent usage and replacement needs
  • Proprietary AtmosphèreCartridgesTM; No oils = No clogging or residue
Inhalio Auto
Inhalio Journey Scent Experiences

Journey Scent Experiences

Automobiles are a personal space.  With Inhalió Purescentair™ Cartridges, your car can be an oasis in a hectic day.  Innumerable scents connect our Journey with our destination.  There are scents that can help your focus on the drive, scents that can you relax as a passenger, and even scents to alleviate nausea.

As TaaS vehicles become more available and we become passengers, 30% of us will have car sickness. Relax. Inhalió has a solution for that. The Patent Pending Matrix delivery system is healthier than any alternative, using no aerosol spray or alcohol and dispersing no VOC’s or Carcinogens.  Just Purescentair™ with no lingering scent.

It’s all about the journey and our experience on the way to our destination. Welcome to the world of Inhalió.

Inhalio Auto

Inhalió Turn-key Auto Support

  • The Inhalió Connected Platform for Scent supports an Automotive Solution for Brands to build on
  • Inhalió supplies reference designs for the brand to build upon
  • Inhalió Software and knowledge base is leveraged to provide the best- in-class consumer experience
  • Inhalió supplies just in time replacement charged cartridges through intelligent cartridges
  • Inhalió has a recycling program for the used cartridges and recharging
  • Inhalió tracks preferences with intelligent cartridges